Born 1977 - Landstuhl, Germany

Current Location - Warner Robins, Georgia

I am currently teaching Graphic Design at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, Georgia.  When I'm not at school, I'm either with my family, golfing, on a ladder painting a mural or on my phone doing something with Trap Golf or Junior Strokes. 

I have a beautiful wife named Kelly who is a super woman.  I am a father of three smart and pretty girls.  I enjoy my time with them above all else.  In addition to being a dad and husband I also teach and coach at a local high school. I enjoy sharing my passion for design and golf with young people.

I grew up in a military family that has always been spread out.  Over my life I have been fortunate to travel to many countries and learn other cultures including the many cultures that right here at home.  I have two brothers that are younger than me and I have enjoyed watching them grow.

My life experiences and travels have greatly contributed to my art throughout my career.   My love for the game of golf has been my inspiration for many of my works.  Golf for me is more than a pastime, it's a lifestyle and it has done so much for me over the years. Artists that have influenced my creative processes include,  Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Steve Penley, and Virgil Abloh.

On November 17, 2017 I came up with the idea of Trap Golf, this is my latest endeavor.  It is a brand that is for people that care about unity, the great game of golf and unlimited style that pushes creativity to new bounds. However, Trap Golf is and will always be a brand that is for golfers and non golfers alike.  We exist to love art, love people and love golf and just make cool stuff while we're on this journey.  Thank you for taking the time out to read this.  Never stop creating and stay trappy! 




For Commission work contact Aaron Munn by email.