Tee Up What Drives You with Kingmade

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Kingmade Jerky by my good friend and local golf pro Jarred Reneau.  I really didn't think much of it at the time, and didn't even try any on my first encounter with the beef jerky.  It wasn't until weeks later when I was playing in a golf outing that I was finally convinced to try it.  I have to say it's some really good jerky!  It's the kind of beef jerky that keeps you coming back for more.  As I was crushing my first bag of Kingmade, Reneau was telling me the story of Jeff King, the man behind the jerky.  As I'm listening to the story, I immediately think about my "Tee Up What Drives You" series that I have been working on for the last year.  I thought to myself, here's a guy who is pursuing a dream and using golf as a platform to establish his jerky business.  Jeff's story embodies exactly the idea of what my series, "Tee Up What Drives You" means. 

 My Kitchen studio.  Tee Up What Drives You : Kingmade

My Kitchen studio. Tee Up What Drives You: Kingmade


As an artist, I too am chasing a dream and ironically, like Jeff it is all coming out of my kitchen.  Yes, my current studio is in my kitchen.  In fact, the last dozen paintings I have painted have all come out of my personal kitchen just as Jeff's first batches of jerky came out of his.  

Jeff's story of using golf as a platform is something he and I have in common.  His story inspired my  latest Tee Up What Drives You painting.  I am a believer in chasing your dreams and allowing God to do his mighty work.  I truly believe that if you work hard and you put others before yourself that great things can happen.  It's all about sharing your passion with others so that they too can be inspired to create and pursue happiness.  Thank you Jeff King for your story and your continued success in ''Teeing up what drives you". 


Art at the Bare Bulb


The time has finally come and I couldn't be more excited about my art show at the Bare Bulb Cafe in Kathleen, Georgia.  I am honored to be featured at the Bare Bulb because it is such a great space and because it is a faith based establishment.  I am humbled to be involved with Bare Bulb for the next couple of months.  For the months of October and November I will be displaying my latest works and highlighting my series titled "Tee Up What Drives You" by hosting a little contest inside the shop.  If you get a chance to visit the shop, please stop by the cork board by the exit and sketch something on a golf tee and pin it to the board.  For those of you that have already visited the Bare Bulb, thank you! 


Junior Strokes June Camp

Junior Strokes Summer Camp kicked off a couple of weeks ago.  In the first camp we had a total of 15 kids.  During the camp the kids participated in some fun art activities in addition to playing golf instruction games outside with Head Golf Professional Jarred Reneau.  Much of the camp went as planned but we were also able to see how we will be able to improve for camps in the future.  We are excited about doing it again in July.

Click on the picture below to see some of the pictures from the June Camp.  Please check back in a week to check out or new Junior Strokes video by Munn Brothers Films. 

Junior Strokes Camp Artwork

It won't be long now that we will be debuting the Junior Strokes Art and Golf camp!  The camp is filled with lots of cool art activities and the opportunity to learn the great game of golf.  In commemoration of the camp I wanted to dedicate a painting to this inaugural event just so kids will get excited about the big painting they will be doing during the camp.  The theme this year for the painting they will be taking home is called "What's On Your Tee?"  This art project will give the kids a chance to get creative and paint whatever they like or is of interest to them on a golf tee.  

 "Junior Strokes"   Acrylic on canvas   30"X40"X1/4"

"Junior Strokes"   Acrylic on canvas   30"X40"X1/4"

Why I Teach...

I wanted to share this because the kids you see in this video just graduated from High School.  It has been a rewarding 6 years for me as I have shared my passion of art with the kids that have come through my room.  I'm excited to see what is ahead for the students I've taught.  I consider myself blessed to be able to teach something that I love so much.  It is also rewarding when students come back to me and tell me how much they enjoyed being in my room and the experiences they had.

My Art Award Winner- Cris Walters


It is students like this that make my teaching job an absolute joy.  Meet Cristina Walters.  She has been a student of mine for three years and in those three years, I have had the privilege of watching her talent develop and to teach her how to paint.  What is exciting is that she's heading to High School and she's going to get even better!  I wanted to share this because she is such an awesome girl and I cannot wait to see what she does in the future.  In addition to being artistically talented, she's totally driven.  When she has a vision or an idea, it becomes part of her and she gives it everything she's got.  That's what i dig about her.  She's talented but never lazy when it comes to creating.  This is what needs to remain in our public schools, fine art programs that allow students to showcase their talent and to have a vehicle that takes them through school.  I am just happy to have been a part of her art career at this early age.  I wish her the very best.    

 This is Cris' latest painting.  It is an animation of herself, inspired by non-other, Tim Burton.  Acrylic on a 24"X24" ceiling tile.

This is Cris' latest painting.  It is an animation of herself, inspired by non-other, Tim Burton.  Acrylic on a 24"X24" ceiling tile.

Junior Strokes Summer Camp

I'm really excited about my upcoming Summer Camp that I will be putting on with my good friend PGA Pro, Jarred Reneau.  I'm looking forward to a great summer with the kids!

Junior Strokes golf camp is a camp that engages kids in the fundamentals of golf while also learning the basics of the visual arts.  Everyday of the camp, students will spend about an hour of golf instruction outside and then break for a snack then have an hour of art instruction.  

Learning GOLF- Students will learn the fundamentals of a good grip while also learning sound technique from the short game to the full swing.  

Learning ART- Students will discuss Color Theory, the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design while learning about different art styles.  Students will compose a full size 16"X20" painting on a gallery wrapped canvas.  Students will have fun exploring different art techniques while being creative. 

At the end of the camp students will take home a small goodie bag and a Junior Strokes T-shirt.